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Welcome to The MBG Agent Connection

Mutual Benefit Group is committed to marketing its products through independent insurance agents. We believe that consumers should turn to qualified, dedicated, professionals to receive the best possible advice about protecting their lifestyle, their family, and their business. Independent agents understand consumers' concerns because they share many of the same ones, and we believe they have the experience to help consumers make the best choices about insurance coverage.

Mutual Benefit Group is also committed to making it easy for agents to work with us as we keep our promise of protection to our policyholders. That's why we've set aside a portion of our Web site just for our agents. Access to this section is password protected and available only to members of our agency force. The MBG Agent Connection offers access to online commercial policy rating capabilities, ability to check claims status and account status, the latest bulletins on product improvements and rate changes, and procedure manuals. We encourage authorized users of this section to check back often as we continue to add more features.

If you are a Mutual Benefit agent and have received authorization and a password to use this portion of our site, click here: www.mbgagents.com.

If you would like more information about the MBG Agent Connection, contact Pam Ayers at 1-800-283-3531, Ext. 2224, or e-mail her at payers@mutualbenefitgroup.com.

Quick contact: - Call: 1-800-283-3531 - or email: info@mutualbenefitgroup.com


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