Welcome to Business Insurance 101! This section will provide information on certain coverages your business needs or might benefit from, as well as provides material to help you enhance your knowledge of business insurance.

  • Artisan Contractors – As a skilled craftsman, you wouldn’t begin a job without the right tools, the necessary equipment, and a firm understanding of the specs. You shouldn’t expect any less from your insurance company.
  • Business Insurance – Watch this short video to learn about the ins and outs of small business insurance.
  • Business Insurance Basics – Enhance your understanding of basic business insurance coverages, including general liability, product liability, and commercial property.
  • Cyber Liability  A cyber attack can significantly impact your business’ bottom line.
  • Data Compromise   Could you retain your clients’ and employees’ trust and goodwill if a data breach occurred at your business?
  • Equipment Breakdown  Did you know your commercial property policy does not cover damages due to equipment failure, such as electrical short circuit or arcing? Consider equipment breakdown coverage to protect your business against mechanical breakdown.
  • Insurance Guide for Landlords – When your rented or leased building is larger than a family home, you need businessowners coverage to protect your assets.