We want you to be safe…on the road, at home, and on the job. The information provided through the links below will help keep you and your family, or business, safe.

  • Safety on the Road – Driving a vehicle requires a great amount of concentration and focus. However, even under the best circumstances, accidents can happen. Learn about ways to avoid automobile accidents, such as deer-related accidents or those that happen during severe winter weather, as well as ways to keep your teenage driver safe.


  • Safety at Home – Home is a special place where you and your family feel safe and protected. Reinforce that safe feeling by performing routine maintenance and inspection on areas of your home, such as the electrical system. Don’t forget to pay special attention to added features, such as a wood-burning stove, which requires proper installation. And, plan a home emergency supply kit now, before you need it.


  • Safety on the Job – As an employer or employee, we all want safety on the job to be a priority. Establishing general safety guidelines is one way to get started to make the workplace a safer environment.

Accident Investigations

Have a plan!  Developing a plan in advance will save time when an accident occurs. Identify who will: Be in charge of the investigation Gather physical evidence Take notes and…

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Fleet Safety Guidelines

Fleet Safety Guidelines To help keep your drivers’ safe on the road, consider implementing some or all of the following guidelines: Anyone who operates a licensed vehicle owned or controlled by…

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General Safety Guidelines

General Safety Guidelines Following are some possible guidelines you can use to help your employees remain safe on the job: Follow the established safe job procedures. You are to perform…

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Portable Ladder Safety

Guidelines on Portable Ladder Safety Portable ladders are one of the handiest, simplest tools we use. Because of their effectiveness, ladders are used by many different people to perform many…

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Construction Site Safety

Construction Site Safety General Guidelines Above-Ground Work: Ladders and scaffolds should be regularly inspected for damage and weakness. Specific safety rules should be adopted for these devices. Electricity: Electrical power…

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Safety Checklist for Fall Protection

Hazard Identification Workers potentially exposed to a fall hazard receive training before they start work in elevated locations. Training includes an explanation of the company’s fall protection policies and systems,…

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Office Safety

Accidents do happen in the office. A broken bone sustained from a fall in an office costs just as much as a broken bone caused by a fall in the…

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Safe Lifting

Many jobs require frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, lowering, and raising materials by hand. Most back injuries are the result of improper lifting techniques. Proper lifting is critical to back…

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Wood-Burning Stove Safety

Safe Installation Before installing your wood-burning stove, take time to evaluate and choose the best location for it. Make sure the pipe connecting the stove to the flue is no…

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Electrical Safety

Most electrical fires in homes could have been prevented by following electrical safety rules and by hiring a qualified electrician to perform the work. It is important to protect your…

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