We want you to be safe…on the road, at home, and on the job. The information provided through the links below will help keep you and your family, or business, safe.

  • Safety on the Road – Driving a vehicle requires a great amount of concentration and focus. However, even under the best circumstances, accidents can happen. Learn about ways to avoid automobile accidents, such as deer-related accidents or those that happen during severe winter weather, as well as ways to keep your teenage driver safe.


  • Safety at Home – Home is a special place where you and your family feel safe and protected. Reinforce that safe feeling by performing routine maintenance and inspection on areas of your home, such as the electrical system. Don’t forget to pay special attention to added features, such as a wood-burning stove, which requires proper installation. And, plan a home emergency supply kit now, before you need it.


  • Safety on the Job – As an employer or employee, we all want safety on the job to be a priority. Establishing general safety guidelines is one way to get started to make the workplace a safer environment.

How To Steer Out of a Skid

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that accidents related to icy road conditions kill more people annually than all other weather events combined. Driving in the ice and snow…

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Five ways to prepare for a blizzard

Blizzards and winter storms can quickly become dangerous. When the inches start piling up, travel becomes impossible, and in severe cases, many people are likely to lose power. Unprepared individuals…

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