Welcome to Personal Insurance 101! It is our hope that you will find valuable educational and informational material in this section that will help enhance your knowledge of personal insurance.

  • Cheaper Car Insurance Can Cost You More in the End – Make sure you compare the amount of your deductible and liability limits with your current policy. And, consider the value of having excellent claim support and an experienced independent agent.
  • Create a Home Inventory – A home inventory record will prove invaluable if you suffer a loss. Complete one now so you will be prepared when you need it.
  • Insurance Guide for Landlords – You’ll need to consider both homeowners and dwelling fire insurance for rental properties, depending on whether or not you will reside on the premises when it is rented.
  • Insure to Value –  Don’t be among the 70% of U.S. homeowners who are underinsured.
  • It Pays to Remember Your Umbrella – An umbrella policy is an additional level of coverage above and beyond your basic homeowners policy that could prove invaluable in the event of a catastrophic accident or a lawsuit.
  • Shopping for a Safer Car – Selecting a safer car is easier than it used to be thanks to advances in technology. But there are still some safety issues to keep in mind when shopping for a car.