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Ten Brilliant Bonus Room Ideas

Bonus rooms can be confusing­—they’re often big enough to house furniture or equipment for a specific function, but certain features may render them unusable as a standard bedroom. Most bonus rooms lack closets or are not fully enclosed by four walls. They might have slanted ceilings and poor air circulation due to their location in your attic or above your garage. Although it might not function as a place to sleep, there are still plenty of uses for this kind of space that can boost the value of your home by maximizing your square footage. Here are ten ideas for fixing up your bonus room.
  1. Library. If you’re an avid reader, you need a place to store all your books! Consider turning a spare room into a small home library. Find shelving units that will fit in your space, or even install custom-made bookshelves if they fit in your budget.
  2. Office. Whether you work from home or need a place to do extra work at home, an office is an effective use of a bonus room. Since these spaces are often isolated from the noise and activity of your kitchen or living room, you’ll probably be able to focus and concentrate on your work.
  3. Study space. If you’re tired of the kids forgetting their school supplies and papers on the kitchen table, consider turning your extra room into a homework or study space. That way, their materials have a designated place to be stored, and they can focus on homework rather than being distracted by their surroundings.
  4. Playroom. If the kids tend to leave their toys strewn about the house instead, turn your spare room into a playroom. You can add as much storage as you need, and your kids will have a special space for their imaginations to run wild.
  5. Guest bedroom. Although your bonus room may not be conducive to a typical bedroom, consider how it could function as a guest bedroom for people staying at your house for only a few nights at a time. Bunk beds could also be a great addition to utilize the space most efficiently.
  6. Craft room. If you’re an artist, it’s an excellent idea to designate your extra space as a craft room. You can keep your supplies organized and not worry about making a mess in another part of your house.
  7. Home gym. Instead of keeping your dumbbells in the bedroom and the treadmill in the garage, keep all your exercise equipment in a home gym. Your bonus room is a great place for this since you can maneuver the machines to fit into the space you have.
  8. Yoga room. If your spare room is small, a yoga room is an excellent use for the space. If you have room to roll out a mat or two, you can use the space to breathe and relax. It could simultaneously function as a meditation room.
  9. Music room. Do you and your family love music? Consider turning your extra room into a music room. If you play an instrument, you could keep them in the space. If you just like listening, you could use it to store CDs or vinyl records.
  10. Gaming room. If you’re a board game fanatic, considering turning your bonus room into a game room. You could dedicate the space to other kinds of gaming, too; make space for your Xbox and PlayStation, or even put a ping pong or foosball table into it.
If the renovations to your extra room substantially increase the value of your home, reach out to your independent insurance agent to let them know. You may need to expand the coverage limits of your home insurance to ensure that you’ll be properly protected in the event of a disaster.