Auto Insurance

Get more mileage from your auto policy with PROcision coverage from Mutual Benefit.

Understanding Your Deductible

Home Insurance

The right insurance coverage is key to a homeowner’s peace of mind.

Is Your Home Insured to Value?

Business Insurance

When it comes to protecting the business you’ve built, come to Mutual Benefit.

Got Cyber Insurance?

Integrity. Community. Dependability.

Mutual Benefit Group and its member companies, Mutual Benefit Insurance Company and Select Risk Insurance Company, have been insuring autos, homes and businesses in PA and MD for more than a century. We’ve created an insurance experience that has benefited five generations of families and business owners.

Our logo represents Mutual Benefit’s core values of integrity, community, and dependability. More importantly, it depicts the benefits of choosing a mutual company and an independent agent to provide your insurance protection. The outer circle symbolizes the security that policyholders enjoy as they place their trust in Mutual Benefit’s financial strength and its promise of protection. The connected circles inside are a picture of the mutually beneficial community that’s formed as insurance company, agent and policyholder pool their resources to share in facing the risks of everyday life. The open design between the circles captures the forward movement that agents and policyholders can depend on MBG to make as we keep pace with a changing world.

Our logo is our policyholders’ symbol of security, a symbol of our promise to help build and protect your economic well-being. Won’t you let our insurance experience benefit you?


Congratulations to MBG CEO Steve Sliver who is serving as the 2021-2022 Chair of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

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