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Things to Consider as You Purchase Auto Insurance

  • Ask about the discounts an insurance company offers, and about how it might surcharge you in the event of an accident. These things can vary from company to company, so make sure you ask for this information.
  • Know the length of your policy term. It may be six months or one year.
  • Many companies have their own payment plans that allow you to pay your full premium in quarterly or monthly installments over a period of time. Often there are service fees associated with these plans, so be sure you understand what those costs are.
  • Ask about higher deductibles. The deductible is what you are responsible for paying out of your pocket in the event you file a claim against your auto insurance policy. By asking for higher deductibles on collision and other than collision coverage, you may be able to lower your total cost for insurance.
  • Personal items and equipment such as cell phones, compact discs, DVDs, CD and DVD players, and custom stereo speakers and systems that are not permanently installed in the auto by the manufacturer usually are not covered, unless you specifically ask to have such coverage added to your policy.
  • Read what you sign. You are ultimately responsible for whether or not the information on your application is complete and accurate.