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Tips for Purchasing Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Students

A driver’s license…it’s one of the most memorable milestones for you and your teen. After months of behind-the-wheel practice, your teen is ready to set out on his or her own. You’ve provided them with guidance and advice on how to drive safely and warned them about the dangers inherit in certain driving behavior, such as texting while driving. Now it’s time to protect them and the vehicle they’ll be driving when they’re out on the road. The important first step is to speak with your independent insurance agent. He or she will know the laws of your state and help you make critical decisions about when your teen driver needs added to a policy. Your agent will also help you decide the best coverage to provide the  protection you need. The following tips will help you navigate the process of purchasing insurance for your young driver or first-time driver:
  • Add young drivers to an existing insurance policy. You can expect higher insurance rates for young drivers, but one way to decrease the rate is to add them to an existing car insurance policy.
  • Equip your teen with a safety-enhanced vehicle. Lower rates are usually available for cars with a higher safety ranking, including those that provide crash protection.
  • Ask about discounts for your teen’s responsible behavior. Encourage your teen to maintain a high grade point average in order to qualify for good student discounts offered by many carriers. This discount is typically available for students under the age of 25 who are enrolled in school full-time. And, some carriers also offer a discount for completed driver safety courses.
  • Keep your college student on your policy even when he or she is away at school. This will ensure your young adult is covered whether they drive someone else’s car while away at school or when they drive at home during breaks. And some carriers offer a discount for college students based on the number of miles between the school and your home.
  • Start your teen driver off right by establishing them with a local independent insurance carrier. Your local agent can educate young drivers about insurance coverage and will be there to support him or her in times of need.