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Staying Safe this Spooky Season

Halloween is that special time of year when we get to dress up as someone (or something!) else and eat our weight in chocolate. However, the holiday brings with it many safety concerns, especially when you have young trick-or-treaters. Fortunately, Halloween can be safely enjoyed with the proper safety precautions.

1. Dress in bright, reflective costumes

If you plan to be out after dark, dress yourself and your children in bright, flashy colors so that passing cars can spot you easily.  Attach reflective tape to dark costumes and treat bags to ensure maximum visibility.

2. Don’t trick-or-treat alone

Children under 12 should be accompanied by a trusted adult. Encourage older kids to trick-or-treat with friends, preferably in a group. Remind them to carry large flashlights and extra batteries just in case.

3. Inspect all treats prior to eating

Carefully check every piece of candy before consumption. If the candy is unsealed or has torn packaging, discard it immediately. Such treats may have been tampered with.

4. No masks

Eye masks can obscure vision and increase the risk of tripping, especially in poorly lit areas. Use nontoxic Halloween makeup to achieve the same look without the risk.

5. Watch for cars

Don’t assume all drivers will give you the right of way, especially on a day where a greater number of people may be inebriated. Stay on the sidewalk as much as possible. Look both ways before crossing the street and only travel on well-lit roads.

6. If you have very young children, practice crossing the road

One helpful tip for crossing the road safely is to make eye contact with the driver. This will ensure that both your child and the driver are aware of each other. With very little children, consider practicing crossing the road with them at least once prior to Halloween night. If you’re the one driving, go slow during residential areas and be prepared to stop at any moment.

7. Avoid dark houses

Remind your children to only stop at houses or apartments that are well-lit, with plenty of other people around. Make sure they know to only accept treats at the door and to never enter a stranger’s home.

8. Establish a return time

If your kids are trick-or-treating alone, sit down with them and make a plan for Halloween night. Discuss their route and decide on a time they should be home. Make sure they know your phone number and address in the case of an emergency.

9. Watch out for your furry friend

If you plan on taking your pets out on Halloween night, keep them on a leash and don’t force them into stuffy, uncomfortable costumes just because they look cute. Like humans, an ill-fitting costume can put your pet at risk. Remember that chocolate and other Halloween treats can be toxic for animals. Save the snacks for yourself!

10. Spot-test makeup prior to use

Cheap Halloween makeup sold at most retailers can harm sensitive skin. Apply the makeup to a small patch of skin on an arm or leg prior to Halloween night. Wait a few hours before removing it. If you or your child has a reaction, throw the makeup away and use something else. After Halloween, thoroughly wash off the makeup before bed. Follow these ten safety precautions to keep your family safe and have some skele-fun this Halloween!