Business Insurance

Your business is your specialty.
Protecting it is ours.

Whether you manage a retail shop on Main Street, work as a self-employed contractor, own a large wholesale operation, or run a restaurant, you need to protect your business property, your reputation and the people who work for you.

And there’s a fellow businessowner right around the corner whose specialty is helping you make the right choices about the proper protection for your business…your independent insurance agent. He or she can match you with the insurance company best equipped to meet your specialized needs. Let us help you find a nearby agent who can introduce you to a variety of companies offering affordable business insurance in PA & MD, including Mutual Benefit Group.

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Why choose Mutual Benefit as your business insurance company?

  • One-stop shopping, making it possible for you to get all the coverage you need from a single insurance company, including everything from business auto coverage to cyber liability coverage to workers’ compensation.
  • Additional customized protection through our exclusive “Max” programs.
  • The service of exceptional claims adjusters, who earned a claims satisfaction rate of 97% in 2019.
  • Flexible billing options and a variety of payment plans that combine all your commercial coverage
    payments on a single invoice.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that a financially strong, stable company is protecting your business.

“First time having to use
Mutual Benefit for a claim
and was very happy with
everyone involved.
Would strongly recommend
to friends. Good coverage.

T. & B. C., Pylesville, MD

Boost your coverage and value with our package policies and optional/specialty coverages.

Want a quote?

Let us help you find a nearby agent who can introduce you to a variety of companies offering affordable business insurance in PA & MD, including Mutual Benefit Group.

Learn more about all of our
Business Coverages including:

  • Business Auto
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Inland Marine
  • Commercial Crime
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Garage Coverage
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage


Learn more about our customized Optional/Specialty Coverages:



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