In 1908, in a small Pennsylvania town built entirely of wooden structures, 14 businessmen realized they needed a way to protect themselves from the threat of fire. They decided to help one another before disaster struck. They did what many groups of business owners and farmers were doing at that time — they pooled their financial resources to form a mutual insurance association. By paying insurance premiums into a common pool, they spread their risk among one another, giving each a better chance of recovering should his business be destroyed. That association eventually became known as Mutual Benefit Insurance Company, today a member of Mutual Benefit Group… your insurance company.


ContentFourteen businessmen in the oil industry boomtown of Corry, PA, form Corry Mutual Fire Insurance Company to protect their businesses from the threat of fire in “a town built entirely of wood.”


William Edward Marsh, long-time secretary/treasurer of Corry Mutual, decides the company needs “more aggressive management.”


W. Emmert Swigart, owner of Swigart Associates, Huntingdon, PA, acquires Corry Mutual, renaming it “Mutual Benefit Fire Insurance Company.”


The first policy is issued under the Mutual Benefit name. From his Huntingdon headquarters, Swigart launches a host of entrepreneurial ventures that contribute to the growth of his insurance operation. He revises Mutual Benefit’s charter so it becomes one of the first companies in the region to offer comprehensive and collision coverage for vehicles financed through a bank or loan company.


Emmert Swigart establishes Mutual Benefit Casualty Company to offer auto and personal liability coverage.


Emmert Swigart dies, leaving his sons, John W. and William E. Jr., in charge of the business. John focuses on building a strong financial base and training a topnotch workforce. William concentrates on developing agency relationships and marketing.


Mutual Benefit Fire absorbs Mutual Benefit Casualty to become Mutual Benefit Insurance Company. An average policy sells for $17.


A third generation of the Swigart family, John Jr., joins the company, overseeing computerization of the business and assuming responsibility for company operations when his father retires.


The Company installs its first computer – an IBM 5110 – but there’s still plenty of paperwork.


Swigart Associates is handling $40 million in business as a managing general agent when the main firm it services decides to assume responsibility for its own management. Swigart’s makes the bold choice to build Mutual Benefit Insurance Company (which had only $6 million in business at the time) into a first-rate regional carrier in its own right.


Mutual Benefit has increased its premium writings by more than six times to $39 million, growing so much that it adds to its facilities by constructing the Oneida Building. Steve Sliver is hired as president of Mutual Benefit Insurance Company.


Swigart Associates is sold to Mutual Benefit Insurance Company. Mutual Benefit becomes the owner of five subsidiary companies as the result, and Steve Sliver is appointed chief executive officer.


Mutual Benefit Insurance Company celebrates its 90th year and unveils a new logo and a new name, Mutual Benefit Group (MBG).


MBG breaks ground for a 43,000-square-foot expansion project, The Cornerstone Building.


As Mutual Benefit marks its 100th year in business, CFO Joe Sloan names Tom Bailey an honorary member of the Board of Directors in recognition of his 62 years as a policyholder, holding the longest active policy on record during the Company’s centennial year.


For the fifth year in a row, MBG is named one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania.